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Products 2

Company Products

  • Drinking water pipes and irrigation pipes of different diameters

  • Drainage and Sewer Pipe Slope

  • Drainage and vent pipes

  • Pipes for telephone cables

  • Threaded pipes for drinking and irrigation water.

  • Waste water pipes for homes


The UPVC pipes produced by the company are characterized by:

  • Very high flexibility and shock resistance

  • High resistance to acids, alkalis, and soil salts, and their lack of susceptibility to corrosion

  • Valid for a period of not less than fifty years.

  • Lightweight compared to pipes made of other materials.

  • Ease of installation and maintenance.

  • Ignition resistance.

  • A smooth inner surface with no deposits on the inner surface.

  • It does not affect the color, taste or smell of the liquids transported through it.

  • Non-conductive of electricity.

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